Wednesday, April 24, 2013

NaPoWriMo 23

The man with the dog and the hat
(who walks by every day around 11)

I've invented a backstory
for both of them
a romance gone wrong,
an inheritance
of nothing 
except the hat
black leather, brimmed,
that he wears every day
He likes to make models out of matchsticks
He hates millipedes

The dog, a broad, strong, mutt
 was set to be retired from the military
the hard way
but rescued one last person--himself
He likes turkey
and steamed broccoli
and understands commands in Latin
sleeps with his head on a pillow

If I don't see these two
while snooping from my kitchen window just before lunch
I worry
and write them more adventures
as I spread jelly on peanut butter
One day I could greet them
on the pretense of digging in the garden
the one I'm going to start out there by the sidewalk

But no. They're so perfect right now.

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