Sunday, April 14, 2013

NaPoWriMo 14


My Sunday feeling comin' up over me
the record player skips in my head
from many long Sundays ago 
with someone else's music collection
and hi-fi 
borrowing their taste
making it my own
My Sunday feeling comin' up over me
as I drag myself from room to room
moving things to their right places
until I'm bored with it 
and the baby starts to fuss,
I recollect the album covers' smell
just like library books
but with a hint of something else
coffee or pot or a slightly more heinous strain of mildew
I hum the line
and can't remember the rest
just a hint of a riff
I hum relentlessly,
driving my husband mad
He starts singing Manic Monday
but doesn't know the whole song
and makes it up as he goes
My Sunday feeling comin' up over me

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