Friday, July 26, 2013

Raw Material

I scribbled the following for this week's Five-Sentence Fiction prompt, Limitless

Raw Material

Magazine Alley, as she thought of it, was now mid-thigh deep and bordered by heaps of clothes which, when they had been piled there, had been clean. The table beside her best chair was covered in layers of useful things: scraps of paper with notes and recipes, stalled knitting projects, forgotten cups of tea with fuzzy tea bags attached, empty yogurt containers, and bits of fabric. The house, being so full, was quiet and comforting--a perfect setting for creativity. Raw material for making art surrounded her, but she wandered, sometimes stumbling on an abandoned shoe or dog toy, trying to figure out where to begin. She sighed to herself, thinking for the millionth time, The possibilities are limitless.

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  1. I can relate to your character, Heather!

    Only instead of heaps of clothes, and other things, I have referential papers, small notes about other subjects that can be useful in the future.

    And, of course, the litter, Elf use and discard in my mind. Elf is my little imp, he lives in my mind since I remember, and sustain he is the creative force in our ensemble.

    You wrote a beautiful tale about creativity, I like it a lot!

    Thank you.

    Od Liam

    1. Thank you, Od Liam! I appreciate your comment and taking time to read. Creativity is rarely without messiness, right? :-)

  2. I have known hoarders. They can be quite intelligent and creative! Well done.

  3. The challenge of forcing yourself to pick a path when there are so many they tangle in on each other. :)